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Engine Building

Engine building is one of our specialties. We build Porsche motors for normal street, enhanced performance, and racing applications and have experience with virtually all air-cooled engines ranging from the early 356/912 1600cc 4-cylinder motors to the latest 993 3.8L 6-cylinder powerplants. Whether your engine service work is generated due to a high-mileage street overhaul or the burning desire for a high performance/racing build-up, Troysport has the capability to satisfy your requirements. Our well trained and dedicated staff has the experience to perform quality work to the exacting standards required for all Porsche engines that will renew the performance and reliability you have come to expect from your car.

All work, except for some specialized machining operations, is performed totally in-house which allows us to maintain quality to the highest standards. Those operations requiring custom machining or other highly specialized processes are sublet only to highly qualified known business associates who have maintained a long standing reputation of producing the highest quality workmanship.

Our engine building programs include, but are not limited to:

  • stock engine re-builds
  • modified street performance and full race engines
  • restorations maintaining correctly coded components (#'s)
  • high performance machine work with the strictest of confidence, including:

    -spigot overbore
    -twin-plug cylinder heads
    -case web modifications, case shuffle pin
    -oil pump by-pass modifications
    -cylinder head stud updates
    -on site dynamometer for 4-cylinder engines
    -Weber and Solex carburetor modifications

We also offer Trans-axle service which includes rebuilds for:

  • street OEM applications
  • performance and full racing applications
  • custom gearing
  • constant velocity (CV) joints and axle preparation

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular application requirements

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