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Finally, its done! Pedro's 914 preparing to race at Sebring. Troysport assisted with engine work.


What a Trio!
Bob Ward's white A Speedster, Tim McGib's black B Roadster, and Brady Owen's silver B Cabriolet


Carlos Auiles at speed in his original 914 1.7L


Clayton Taul's '95 993 with newly installed supercharger by Troysport


What a car!
Walt Bailey's '96 Cup 3.8L. Troysport built the engine and short-ratio gearbox for PBOC, PCA, and DE's


A.V. Blaylock and her freshly restored 356B Cabriolet. Troysport handled minor mechanical needs as well as the interior and exterior refurbishment


Mark Peebles with the "hammer down" in his orange 914. This is a full F-Prod SCCA car


John Cox's vintage '66 912 (built by Troysport) and Pedro Rivera's beautiful 914 "getting-it-on"

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