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Citrus Region PCA Members Compete In 2005 KUMHO Tire
13 Hour "Charge of the Headlight Brigade" at VIR

Article By Erica Collins

After a successful first year competiting in the KUMHO Thirteen-Hour race at historic Virginia International Raceway (VIR), Troysport Performance Group returned to try and surpass the excellent results achieved in 2004. Last year we were pleased to finish forth in class and ninth overall. The ultimate goal this year would be to “win outright in ITE and win the ITS class,” Sid Collins owner of Troysport Performance Group states.

In 2004 Troysport took only one Porsche to campaign, a 1972 911S with a 2.2 E-MFI engine. During the 2005 season, the #68 car had a superb showing by claiming the Central Florida Regional Championship for the second year in a row and the car was again groomed for this grueling thirteen-hour race with identical preparation as the previous year. This year it was decided that the 2005 edition of the thirteen-hour race would be a two-car affair, and in so doing, a Speed Yellow 1972 911 would be a second entry and see race competition for the first time. This new #73 car, powered by a Troysport built 2.7RS with MFI engine, is owned and driven by Wayne and David Borinski.

Many long days and nights went into preparing the cars for competition. The engines were checked and tweaked time and time again until they attained perfection. Two forty-two ft. long enclosed trailers were filled with everything from spare tires to shop rags and tools. The whole team worked diligently and efficiently to complete the preparations prior to departure for VIR. Even the team chefs were vigorously looking for the perfect recipes to prepare for the tired and hungry crew. Their help was greatly appreciated by all. Troysport welcomed back many of the crew members from the previous year, as well as some new additions, making a small community of people totaling twenty-six.

Departing on Wednesday, the team traveling in four vehicles made their way to the Virginia track caravan style. Upon arrival, everyone was tired and it was decided to call it a night, making sure everyone would get enough rest for the festivities the next day.

Thursday was a practice/test day and both cars performed flawlessly, with only a few minor adjustments needed. The drivers who had never experienced the thrill of driving the photographic 3.7 mile track, used this day to take it all in and learn a much as they could about the track layout. Qualifying was held Friday night and both Sid and Dave piloted their cars to great starting positions for the race. Sid qualified the #68 Porsche thirty-third out of eighty-two in the field. Dave qualified his #73 Porsche 911 fifth on the grid against many higher horsepower cars. Both Troysport Porsches qualified shod with Hoosier D.O.T. radial tires. That night after qualifying, the #68 car was given a full alignment, while the #73 car received a new clutch.

Race Day began as the crew awoke at 4:30am and made their way to the track. Everyone was ready and anxious to get the “show on the road” and let competitors know Troysport Performance was a force to be reckoned with. The green flag furiously waved at exactly 9:15am with Dave and Sid sitting in the pilot's seat. Both experienced drivers were on their toes for the first few laps because “drivers try and win the race on the first lap at the first turn” Sid says with a chuckle. Unfortunately Dave's # 73 car suffered a major setback forty-five minutes into the race and was unable to continue. Meanwhile, Sid in the #68 car continued the chase.

As the race unfolded, scheduled pit stops for driver changes, fuel, brake checks, tire checks and changes as necessary were made every two and a half hours like clockwork. The Troysport team did not allow being the oldest car in the field and powered by the smallest engine to deter from their quest, bringing home the thirty-four year old Porsche to finish fifth in class and eleventh overall. Once again Troysport Performance Group finishes with an excellent result in this grueling test of man and machine.

Thanks to all the crew who took time out of their daily lives to make this race a memorable and fantastic experience.

You guys are the BEST!!!!


oon, there will be another demanding race, where Troysport drivers and cars will again push the limit of man and machine. Are they up for the challenge? You Bet!! This is Troysport Performance Group we are talking about, and like it says in the name they always perform.

The race is the KUMHO Tire Twelve-Hour and is hosted by SCCA Florida Region. The event will take place May 20 - 21 at the acclaimed Homestead International Raceway just south of Miami Florida . Our drivers will be none-other than Troysport owner Sid Collins and longtime friend David Borenski. Together, they will put old reliable through her paces in an attempt to secure an overall victory in the SPU Class. We're talking about the badest car in the garage, a 1972 911S with a 2.7MFI RS engine.

A portion of the VIR crew will travel from their homes throughout the nation to join Sid and Dave in Homestead . Our great crew chief, Pablo Diaz, will be there to make sure every aspect, from driver changes to pit-stops, runs smoothly. Together, this dream team will leave others shaking in their Simpson's.

This race will be important to our continuing quest to secure sponsorship for our racing program. We encourage, and would appreciate, any interested organization(s) seeking commercial exposure in a Motor Sports environment to contact Troysport to discuss the possibilities.

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