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We are dedicating this portion of our website to provide our visitors with the latest information and announcements concerning our racing activities throughout the year. Information about upcoming events worthy of note will be listed in this section in addition to reports and results of various events in which Troysport has participated. We invite you to visit this section often to see what is happening at Troysport!

2011 Racing Season
The first weekend in May saw the cars and drivers from Troysport journey to the Daytona International Speedway for the SCCA sponsored Daytona Classic Regional and Enduro races.

Following their race prep at the Troysport shop,Sid's venerable 911 and Jerry Ruffino's Silver Lion Racing, ITR class 911SC were trailered to the track where they were joined by Robert Demetrius with his ITR class 911RS, and Jim Clark with his E Production 944, #69. Performing the duties of crew chief was Alex Albelo who was assisted by Steve Hayo and Tim Cordele (who are in the initial stages of their own race car projects) volunteered for pit crew duties. They were joined by Robert's crew chief, life and racing partner, or is that racing and life partner (?), his wife Natascha.

Group races and Enduro qualifying were held Saturday. It was a tough luck day and short race weekend for Jim, whose 944 developed a mechanical problem, later diagnosed as a broken valve spring. Robert and Jerry, with support from his wife Trish, qualified well up in the 80 car field while Sid, who would be co-driving with Jerry in Sundays Enduro, sharpened his already considerable driving skills in his GT3 class, #68, as he ran in a couple of the preliminary races on Saturday. In addition to qualifying, Robert who hadn't raced at Daytona for five years, re-acquainted himself with the track, as did all the participants since this was the first SCCA event to be held at Daytona since the repaving.


Sunday morning broke over the speedway with a cloudless sky and cool temps that steadily rose, no doubt due to the action on the track in the days opening races. Meanwhile in the Troysport garage, all of the last minute details, such as fuel levels, tire pressures, pit procedures and engine warm ups were attended to prior to the start of the Enduro.

Following two laps behind the pace car, the green flag dropped and 90 minutes of good hard racing began. Happily, there were no Turn One incidents and all of the drivers settled into the race. Both Robert and Jerry ran strong and consistent, staying out of trouble and letting the race come to them. Jerry was the first Troysport driver to pull in for the mandatory five-minute pit stop, during which Sid assumed the driving duties in the silver 911. Upon his release from the pits, he began an aggressive move up through the field regaining not only the ground lost during the stop,but aided with his years of experience and intimate knowledge of the Daytona track- picked up several more places to finish Third in class and Eighth overall.

Robert's pit stop was completed in good order and a big "job well done" goes out to Alex, Steve, Tim and Natascha. At the five minute mark, Robert motored back onto the track to continue his solo drive.... and drive he did- finishing Fourth in class and Seventeenth overall. Back in the garage he exited from his 911 hot and tired, but with a smile of satisfaction.

Sid finished out the afternoon with another run in his #68 GT3 class car, and had an unofficial clocking of 166 mph on the high banks, bringing to a close a successful weekend of racing at the Daytona Speedway.



A Sunstroke Weekend

Coming off of another successful weekend of racing, which included the debut of Mark Griffith with his recently completed Troysport RSR911, at the Sebring track, several of the same group made their way to the Daytona International Raceway for the SCCA's Sunstroke Grand Prix. Among those making the trek were Jerry Ruffino with his '83 911SC, Doug Lawhorn and his '72 911, and of course Sid with his '71 911s. Also joining the group was Joshua Barnes from Jacksonville , who would be sharing seat time with Sid in #68 in preparation for an upcoming PCA event.

Saturday morning practice sessions were delayed due to a slow lifting fog. With this being Joshua's second drive in #68 and the first time in a competitive situation, Sid used the extra minutes to review the plan for the practice as well as different aspects of driving the 911 on the Daytona track.

In the distance, the cars from the first session can be heard on the track which meant that it was time to mount up, start up and drive to the assembly area for their first track session. Fifteen minutes to get reacquainted with an old friend, or to meet a new one. Fifteen minutes to feel the flow of the track and then it's back to the garage for Doug, Jerry and Josh, where they switch off the engines, collect their thoughts. They replay the session in their minds and begin the preparations for the next session and qualifying. Sid debriefs Josh and then lays out the goals for the approaching qualifying session. Group 2 qualifying went well for Doug and Jerry, while Josh's times steadily improved from the practice session. With their places secured on the grid for the afternoon race, they retired to the garage and left the track to Sid for his qualifying run in Group 5.

The first of the races for Group 2 began at 2:30pm and was a seven lap affair which saw Jerry take a fifth in the ITR class, and Josh third in the ITS class. Doug, after a good start, was forced into a DNF with a rear tire situation. An hour and a half later Sid took to the track, collecting a first in class in the Group 5 race.

Because of his DNF the previous day, Sunday morning found Doug participating in the hardship qualifying in order to take the grid for the day's Group 2 race, while back in the garage Sid and Josh were going over their strategy for their events. With all other preparations complete, the drivers made their way to the grid for the first of their (4) scheduled races. Coming off of NASCAR 4 and onto the fron straight they took the green flag for five laps during which Jerry set a new personal best time while finishing fourth in class, and was followed by the two ‘72's of Doug and Josh. In the first Group 5 race, Sid relinquished his seat in #68 to give Josh a few more laps of seat time that he used well as his lap times continued to improve.

In the final ten lap Group 2 race, Josh came through with his best finish of the weekend when the second place car in front of him entered turn 1 too hot and slid off track with Josh taking over the position as the checkered flag fell. Sid ended the day and weekend by taking first in the GT3 class in the Group 5 finale.

Special thanks to Alex for all of his hard work and support to Sid and Josh throughout the weekend, to Joe for his help to Jerry on Saturday, and to the members of the Troysport Performance Group that weren't racing in the Sunstroke Grand Prix, for coming out to the track to support, encourage and to just hang out.


Oktoberfast at Daytona

The Porsche Club of America , with sponsorship from Brumos Porsche, Troysport and others – held their fifth Oktoberfast on the 7 th – 9 th at the Daytona International Speedway. The even was co-hosted by the Citrus and Crown regions and took place in conditions that were a challenge in themselves, and ranged from gray overcast skies to a steady drizzle, to an outright downpour mixed in with unusually cool temperatures and a strong steady wind gusting up to tropical storm strength.

The garages were filled with Porsches of all shapes and sizes, years and models.- 911's, 914's, 944's, 996's 997's GT2's and GT3's.. Their owners had gather from both near and afar to spectate, crew and race their favorite automotive marque as it does what it does best….l go fast! Sid Collins and his Troysport Performance Group #68 1972 911s is prepped and ready.

Friday was the first scheduled track day with practice sessions for each of the three groups, the red and blue racing groups, with over a hundred entrants signed up, and the DE group with over sixty. Saturday morning's practice sessions were run in a light rain. Sid sits in his #68 as she warms up, and with assistance from his crew chief Alex, finishes buttoning up then heads for the assembly area and then onto the track which is already under a full course caution. After several laps, Sid has the 911 dialed-in and with the rain tires giving positive grip, proceeds to quicken the laps once the track goes green. Once the session ends, it's back to the garage. Everything is good with the car except the brake pads are a little bit “grabby” for the wet conditions, so Sid selects a different compound set and within moments Alex and Manny have them changed and the car is ready for the first race of the weekend.

The blue group race was scheduled to roll-off at 1:00pm and the cars form up behind the Cayenne pace vehicle. Once out onto the track, they circulate for several laps before being led back down onto pit lane where they sat while the track crew worked to clean up some newly deposited oil. Oil & water mixed doesn't work too well for race cars… we all know! Then it was back out for a few more laps, back again to pit lane, then back onto the track, and finally to the garages for a thirty-minute break to enable a complete oil cleanup and draining of some of the puddles. Once the cleanup was complete, it was race time! Only now, the rains came, the winds blew and we raced having a good time…. At least those of us who had rain tires!

Sunday morning remained grey with powerful wind gust, but the rain held off. Sid, having received the steward's permission to drive the 3-Hour Enduro race solo, drove a few laps in the pre-race warm-up session and returned to the garage to top off fuel and check tire pressures. Due to the 3-hour race duration, a decision was made to change back to the original brake pad compound.

With all preparations to the car complete, Alex, Manny and Mark Griffith load the pit cart with fuel cans, floor jack, tires and all of the other spare parts that may be needed. Our pit will be shared with Greg Barrows and his wife/crew chief Jennifer and their silver and orange 996.

Now, it was race time – the Brumos Porsche Cayenne pace car led the field around for the reconnaissance lap for the first 90 minute segment then pulled down onto pit lane. The race was on with 90+ Porsche's screaming down the front straight into turn one. For the first three laps, the racing was hot and heavy. Once again the weather took precedence. The wind whipped through pit lane sending crews scrambling to secure everything that wasn't already secure as the rain squalls deluged the track. Immediately the course went yellow on lap four bringing out the pace car. The rain squall was short lived and on lap nine the course returned to green flag racing. On lap thirteen, Sid brought the #68 into the pits for the required five-minute pit stop. As dictated by the racing regulations, Sid exited the 911s during the refueling segment of the stop. Once the fuel cell was topped off, it was time to return to his “office” for the remainder of the pit stop which lasted a bit longer than the required five-minutes. Due to the bad weather conditions, race control issued the black flag bringing the race to a temporary standstill.

Finally the storm passed and once the track was deemed fit, it was back to green flag racing. As the minutes counted down, Sid made steady progress up through the field until it was time for the mandatory pit stop for the second 90-minute segment. After spending the required time on pit lane the #68 hit the track for the final race sequence. With the minutes and seconds ticking off, Sid's laps became quicker and quicker – then it happened. As he came off of NASCAR turn four, Sid felt the sputters of a nearly empty fuel cell and was headed into the pit lane for a splash of fuel when he saw the checkered flag and kept the #68 on the track. With a sputtering engine and diminishing speed, he stayed low on the track reaching the finish line for a first in class, and sixth overall.

Finally, the sun peaked through the clouds for just a few moments, the racing over and the garages now empty – it was time to pack up and head for home. Special thanks for a job well done goes out to Mark, Manny and crew chief Alex. All three performed flawlessly under very challenging conditions. Another big thanks goes out to all of the corner workers, without whose help these races and all of the other races could not be conducted.


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