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At Troysport, we routinely access a vast array of high quality parts sources necessary to properly service our clients Porsche's cars. All parts utilized for our service work, as well as those offered over the counter, begin with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components and progress to many well known aftermarket sources for quality components often sought for high performance and racing applications. All aftermarket components are selected for their suitability for the application as well as their ability to meet and/or exceed all OEM specifications.

Listed below, you will find a brief sampling of the high quality aftermarket manufacturer's products we routinely employ and recommend. We are also pleased to offer many of these fine products over the counter to our Troysport customers.

Bilstein is the world leader in gas pressure shock absorber technology. Bilstein offers high quality shock absorbers for street vehicles as well as premium shocks designed with adjustability to allow you to "dial-in" your handling characteristics to suit both your chassis/tire combination with respect to your driving style. If you are seeking better handling and a more responsive car, or simply interested in correcting an ill handling one - we recommend you contact Troysport to inquire about the many options Bilstein offers.

Bosch manufactures a broad scope of premium automotive parts for many OEM and aftermarket applications. Quality parts such as alternators, brake pads, filters, fuel injection system components, water and fuel pumps, sensors, wiper blades, spark plugs and high quality spark plug wires and other ignition parts.

Direct Hits unique spark enhancement technology has been tested and proven to provide quicker acceleration and throttle response as well as noticeable increases in both torque and horsepower. Additionally benefits include easier starting, better fuel economy and cleaner emissions.The complete Direct Hits Ignition Upgrade consists of Magstar premium HV ignition leads, the Direct Hits spark amplifiers and premium non-resistor spark plugs. Try them, we did and we're sure you'll like the results.

JB Racing specializes in race engineering and offers an array of custom designed performance products for Porsche applications ranging from oil fittings to adjustable cam timing sprockets and lightweight aluminum flywheels. JBR's ULTRA-LITE Porsche flywheels accept industry standard 5 1/2" (140mm) multi-disc racing clutches and are offered for 911's and 914's as well as the latest 993/996/GT3R's. Custom parts design & manufacture is their specialty along with computerized engine dynamometer testing services.

JRZ Suspension Engineering is located in the Netherlands and produces state of the art aluminum bodied gas pressurized shock absorbers utilizing a remote reservoir. JRZ's are offered in single, double and triple adjustable configurations which are fully adjustable without disassembly. If you are seeking a high quality remote reservoir style dampener, we highly recommend you consider JRZ.

Pagid manufactures OEM passanger car brake pads and shoes as well as High Performance Racing Pads and Sport Pads for Street and Light Track Use. Pagid is the brake pad of choice for many professional sports car racing teams.

Roxanne's offers custom exhaust system components and performance headers constructed with mild steel or stainless steel for many formula race cars as well as Porsche. As a matter of fact, our Troysport 911 ITS track car is huff'n-N-puff'n through a set or Roxanne's (see photos below).

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